The Democratic Party

As a Democrat, I am supportive of the “Resist Movement”, but we need to redefine our principles as a party and begin to govern. It’s easy to look at our counterparts and recognize their shortcomings, but real courage will come when we look in the mirror and realize our own responsibility for the issues facing our society. We exist in an era where politicians never stop campaigning, which deters from governance. “Politician” has become a dirty word and in many respects people who believe this are correct. We need more statesmen and stateswomen from all political ideologies to successfully represent the American people and produce good policies. We currently have too many politicians in Washington D.C. who concern themselves with their future campaign financing and the fear of losing power. We need to elect leaders with the vision and the bravery to think about the future of our society rather than their own personal successes.

I am fully aware that my presence in this election will garner the question should Democrats challenge Democrats? I think challenges always push us to be better at what we do. I also believe Congressional District 1 has the ability to challenge the Democratic leaders to push us to be a Party of action rather than a party of rhetoric. I am ready to be held accountable for representing Congressional District 1 and for being the voice that will help push our beloved Party out of dissaray and toward more effective governance for our district and the nation.

   “The difference between a politican and a stateman is: a politician thinks of the next election and a statesman thinks of the next                           generation.”  –    James Freeman Clarke (1810-1888)