Money in Politics –

We live in concerning times because climate change is real, income inequalities are widening, civil rights are threatened, and there is a decline of opportunity in America. Special interests are running our political system through campaign financing and the promise of power to our elected officials. This dangerous trend is crippling our system and making us unable to deal with the issues of our time. Is it too much to ask our elected officials to lead by the will of their constituents and their consciences?

Solution – I am committed to not taking any campaign financing during this election that will make me beholden to anything other than the general will of the constituents of Congressional District 1. I am also committed to providing more transparency to my campaign contributions. I am hopeful that with these small steps we will see greater integrity amongst our elected officials.

Climate Change/Energy Policy –

We must work tirelessly to push for new energy legislation because it is much too dangerous to lean on the excuse that the GOP controls the house. We must organize, present legislation to Paul Ryan, and call him to the carpet through the media when he does not allow it to be heard. Altering the way we produce energy is the greatest challenge humans have ever encountered and we must act swiftly to preserve global stability for future generations. Also, America must lead the way just as we did when John F. Kennedy promised us the moon. Saving the Earth beneath our feet will be a much greater achievement than reaching the moon, but I believe we are capable.

Solution – When elected, I will work alongside the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, the Sierra Club, economists, and other groups to present legislation to the public and to the House of Representatives to begin the push for pro-green energy legislation. Unfortunately, we don’t have 20 years to deal with the devastating effects of climate change. We must act now and push against those who are choosing campaign financing over the future viability of our planet. Now is the time to act.

Immigration Policy –

The United States is a nation of immigrants. Anyone who came in search of a better life and to contribute to the greatness that America already is, is truly a Dreamer. The American Dream was founded because of the influx of immigrants, solidified by their desire to work hard and become a citizen of this beautiful, multi-cultural country. Today, we have seen an uptick in the belief that immigrants are stealing jobs in America, but the truth is immigrants are an intricate part of our economy, culture, and the identity of the United States. Now is the time to stand strong in alliance with all communities of our city, state, and country, alike. We are all immigrants. We are all Dreamers.

Solution – Legislators must stop using Dreamers as bargaining chips and start making the moral decisions to ensure a Dream Act, including an easier pathway to citizenship. The United States must start to consider the foreign policy decisions that perpetuate chaos and disruption in the western hemisphere. The US government has been responsible time after time for the disarray of other people’s countries, forcing them to seek out shelter and safety elsewhere. I will fight for our immigrant community and all Dreamers who deserve a strong voice to stand up for them.

Healthcare –

Obamacare is the best healthcare system we have had and it has helped with the pre-existing condition aspect of our healthcare system. However, we must concede that it is flawed and escalating costs are not sustainable. It is time to join every other industrialized nation on the planet and call for single-payer healthcare for all. The rising costs of healthcare are literally bankrupting us, and we must find new solutions to deal with the future of healthcare. Obamacare was a start, but it doesn’t go far enough and our citizens’ health should no longer be viewed as profit centers. I believe in the right to access to healthcare for all, but the misery of those being punished by our legal and healthcare systems should not be revenue streams in a society that wishes to be virtuous.

Solution – We must join every advanced nation in the world and provide a single-payer healthcare system for our people in order to curb the cost of health insurance, which is bankrupting America.

Income Inequality –

There are studies that wide gaps in income inequality produce greater political polarization in America. This was true during the “Gilded Age”, and it is true again. We must find a way to create opportunity through education, good paying jobs, and affordable housing. We must once again build a middle class that will become the model for the world. I am a Millennial and our generation has seen the American Dream dwindle a bit because of rising inequality. Our generation is crippled with the high costs of healthcare, higher education, and housing in places like Denver. We face a future without certainty as pensions don’t exist and Social Security is not guaranteed to us. As safety nets diminish and inequality rises we are faced with a startling reality that could lead to great instability in America’s future. Opportunity is the true essence of America’s greatness and we must work tirelessly to ensure that opportunity endures for future generations.

Solution – Supply-side economics has failed us and with the development of technology, it becomes more obsolete by the day. We must make government more efficient, but we must also make it apparent that government must have a role in ensuring equality in opportunities for all people. We must find a way to provide better and obtainable education, access to good jobs, and safety nets for communities and individuals who are impacted by our changing economy.

LGBTQ Rights –

I cannot believe it is 2017 and we are still having to address equality, but it appears the fight will continue. I have been so fortunate in my life to be surrounded by so many in the LGTBQ community, and many have become my mentors, my best friends, and even guides through some of the roughest times in my life. Our sexuality, gender, race, or religion shouldn’t determine our character or worthiness of freedom or friendship. I stand tall and proud with the LGTBQ community for equal rights and to destroy ignorance and to shame bigotry in our legislation or even on our streets. Our society can do better than this.

Solution – We must oppose and reveal all biggoted pieces of legislation which are masked by “religious liberties”. We must all stand tall against any legislation that promotes hate, biggotry, or segragation.

Reproductive Rights –

Women should have the absolute right to make choices with their own bodies without interference. As a young man, I was also a person who received a great deal of information and counseling from Planned Parenthood, which only strengthens my conviction that clinics like this are vital for public health for both men and women.

Solution – Being pro-choice is a conviction I am unwilling to waiver on. This is a public health issue and anyone who understands the history of abortion in America understands how important that we protect women’s reproductive rights.

The Future of Our Economy –

We must continue to promote ingenuity amongst private citizens to form the future economic opportunities in America. However, we must start to look forward to a world where robotics and other emerging technologies, which will begin to erode at our economy even more. These challenges shouldn’t be feared, but we must begin to look forward as our economy continues to evolve in profound ways with the advancement of technology. It’s time to start speaking about these shifts and what the future of America’s economy will be.

Solution – The days of those defining entrepreneurs as “job creators” could be ending in many industries with the development of robotics. As this occurs the government will have to take a more active role in creating more opportunity for citizens.