Tonight’s the night – The first time you can have your voice heard! I need your attendance at the Precinct Caucus!

This is the first real step of the 2018 political process and the first step you can take to help put me on the primary ballot for the Democratic nomination for Colorado’s First Congressional District.
I need your time, energy and your ATTENDANCE at tonight’s caucus to help me get on the primary ballot in June!

If you have never attended your Precinct Caucus, here are the things you need to know:
• The caucus is a gathering of registered Democrats in your neighborhood. It is a convoluted multi-
stage process and you won’t actually be able to vote directly for me tonight.
• You can only participate in your Caucus if you have been a registered Democrat by January 8, 2018
and registered to vote at your current address by February 5, 2018.
• The only vote that will be taken at tonight’s caucuses will be on candidates in the Governor’s
• Based on the preference poll on that Governor’s race, Delegates will be voted on to the next step
of the process – the County Assembly!
• Depending on which County you live in, the County Assembly will either be on Saturday March 17th
or on Saturday March 24th.
• At the County Assembly delegates will vote again on the Governor’s race preference and ONLY THEN
will delegates be assigned to go to the Congressional Assembly where you will be actually able to
vote for me.
• The Congressional Assembly will be on Friday, April 13th at 7:00 in the evening at South High
• At the Congressional Assembly delegates will FINALLY be able to vote for me and I will need at
least 30% of that vote to be eligible for the June Primary Ballot.

I need your help and attendance at every stage of this process if I am going to be successful in becoming the next Congressman in Colorado’s First Congressional District.

Here is what you need to know and the strategy for tonight’s Caucus:

1) The Caucus starts at 7:00. If you don’t know where your caucus location is, click here. If you
still have any difficulties finding your caucus location, please call me directly: 720-296-0524
2) You will NOT be able to vote directly for me tonight but I need you to become a delegate to the
next step!
3) Take the preference poll on the Governor’s race and become a delegate for a Gubernatorial
candidate to the County Assembly who has received at least 30% of the Caucus vote. Many times in
this process, many of your neighbors won’t have a preference for Governor yet and “Uncommitted”
will have delegates assigned to the County Assembly.
4) If you can’t become a delegate, offer to go as an Alternate to the County Assembly. Typically,
enough Delegates fail to show at the County Assembly so that Alternates who attend almost always
are seated at the Assembly.
5) Once you have become a Delegate or Alternate to the County Assembly, please let me and my
campaign know!